Can You Get a Costco Day Pass Without a Membership?

Can You Get a Costco Day pass Without a Membership?? Costco is a membership-only wholesale club and is well-known for providing excellent value on a wide range of goods.

Can You Get a Costco Day pass Without a Membership?

Sometimes, individuals only need to buy at Costco for one day and don’t want to commit to a membership plan.

This is because many people who want to save money on their shopping but don’t want to commit to a yearly membership fee ask about this issue.

Can You Get a Costco Day Pass Without a Membership?

Non-members generally do not have access to day passes or guest passes at Costco.

To shop at Costco, you need to either become a member or shop with someone who is already a member. Costco has two membership levels: Gold Star and Executive.

The Gold Star membership is $60 per year, while the Executive membership is $120 per year and includes privileges such as cashback credits and unique discounts.

Exceptions to the Rule

It is Costco’s usual policy not to sell day passes to non-members. However, there are a few exceptions to this policy.

Some Costco stores hold special events or promotions where non-members can shop for a short time.

Some shops, for example, hold “Military Hour” events during which active duty military people and veterans can purchase at Costco without a membership.

Other businesses may have “Teacher Appreciation” events where educators can purchase without having to be a member.

Ways to Shop at Costco Without a Membership

1. Use Costco Cash Cards

Another option for Costco shopping without a membership is to use a Costco Cash Card.

Members and non-members can purchase Costco Cash Cards. This Cash Cards can be used to make purchases at any Costco facility.

However, the card’s value must be adequate to pay the cost of the things you want to buy, including any additional fees.

Also, using a Costco Cash Card does not grant access to other departments of the shop, such as the pharmacy or the optical department.

2. Become an Authorized User

If you’re not a member and you need to shop at Costco on a regular basis, becoming an authorized user on someone else’s Costco membership is an option to comsider.

This might be a friend or family member who is already a member or someone willing to add you as an authorized user to their account.

As an authorized user, you have access to all areas of the store and you receive your own membership card.

3. Buy and Cancel Membership

Purchasing and canceling a Costa membership allows you to shop at Costco without having to pay for a full year’s membership.

This technique, however, may not be suitable for everyone because there is a chance of forgetting to terminate the subscription and being charged the whole cost.

However, remember that shopping at Costco without a membership is generally not possible, as the warehouse club does not offer day passes or guest passes to non-members.

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