How Do I Get 3 People on Costco Membership?

How Do I Get 3 People on Costco Membership? Costco has been a go-to location for families looking for excellent products at inexpensive costs when it comes to shopping for food, household staples, and other everyday items.

How Do I Get 3 People on Costco Membership?

A Costco membership is one of the finest ways to take advantage of the numerous perks that Costco provides.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps on how you can get three people on a Costco membership.

How Do I Get 3 People on Costco Membership?

Getting three people on a Costco membership allows your family to fully enjoy the benefits and savings offered by this popular warehouse club.

A step-by-step guide on how to get 3 people on Costco membership is discussed below:

1. Understand Costco Membership Types

Before you begin the process of adding three people to your Costco membership, it’s crucial to understand the various membership options.

Costco now provides two major membership options: Gold Star and Executive memberships.

The Gold Star membership is appropriate for the majority of individuals and families, providing access to Costco warehouses as well as the option to buy online.

The Executive membership, on the other hand, includes extra incentives such as a 2% yearly reward on qualified Costco purchases and access to special services.

2. Verify Eligibility for Additional Cardholders

To add people to your Costco membership, the three persons must meet the eligibility requirements.

Only individuals from the same household can be added to your membership.

This typically includes immediate family members or roommates living at the same address. Ensure that the people you wish to add fulfill this criterion.

3. Gather the Required Information and Visit Costco

To successfully add people to your Costco membership, you will need certain information for each individual you want to include.

Collect the following details for each person:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Mailing address
  • Email address

After you’ve finished gathering the necessary information, head to your nearest Costco warehouse

4. Speak to Costco Membership Services

When you arrive at the warehouse, go to the membership services desk or counter, where a kind Costco employee will help you add three individuals to your membership.

They will walk you through the procedure, check the information you supply, and issue the extra cardholders with membership cards.

5. Enjoy the Benefits of a Family Costco Membership

With three individuals added to your Costco membership, your complete family may now enjoy the many perks that Costco has to offer.

Access to a diverse choice of high-quality products, and the potential to save money on anything from groceries to electronics and home items are among the benefits.

Also, as an Executive member, you may earn an annual 2% incentive on qualified Costco purchases, which can add up quickly.

With everyone on board, you can take advantage of Costco’s large assortment, high-quality items, and low-cost shopping experience.

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