How Many Family Members Can Be on a Costco Card?

How Many Family Members Can Be on a Costco Card? One of the benefits of being a Costco member is the ability to purchase a Costco membership card, which grants access to exclusive deals and services.

How Many Family Members Can Be on a Costco Card?

However, how many family members may be included on a single Costco membership card when it comes to enjoying the benefits of a Costco membership?

We will answer that question and also guide you on how to add and remove someone from your Costco membership.

How Many Family Members Can Be on a Costco Card?

A Costco household membership can have a maximum of two individuals: the primary member and one other person residing at the same address.

This could be a spouse, domestic partner, or any other family member living in the same household.

It is important to understand the various membership options offered by Costco.

The membership options are highlighted and discussed below:

Gold Star Membership

Individuals can purchase this membership for an annual price.

It gives you access to all Costco warehouses and the perks of being a Costco member, such as exclusive items and discounts.

Executive Membership

Costco provides an Executive membership for customers searching for additional benefits.

In addition to the Gold Star advantages, Executive members receive an annual 2% incentive on qualified Costco purchases up to $1,000. This membership level has a higher yearly price.

Can a Costco Membership Be from the Same Household?

Costco mandates that all members who share a membership live at the same address.

In most cases, this implies coming from the same family.

However, this does not imply that the two persons must be related. As a result, users can opt to add a roommate to their account.

How to Add Someone to Your Costco Membership

In general, there are two ways to add someone to your Costco membership.

Firstly, you may handle it at the Costco membership desk.

You may either bring the additional person with you or arrange for them to acquire a card the next time they buy.

Second, you may record it in the Account Details area of your online account.

You’d enter the person’s information here, and they’d be able to acquire their card the following time they went to Costco by heading to the membership counter.

How to Remove Someone from Your Costco Membership?

It is also simple to remove someone from your membership.

You can manage the removal in person by speaking with someone at the membership services desk.

Alternatively, go to the Account Details section of the Costco website to remove someone from the account.

In any case, removing someone deactivates the card. As a result, the individual will be unable to use that card to make transactions at Costco.

You can all enjoy the fantastic offers and savings that come with being a Costco member by sharing your membership with your family members.

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