How Many Guests Can a Member Take to Costco?

How Many Guests Can a Member Take to Costco? Costco provides a multitude of perks to its loyal consumers through its membership-based business.

How Many Guests Can a Member Take to Costco?

One often-asked question among members is how many guests they may bring with them on shopping trips.

Let us look at Costco’s guest policy and clarify the number of visitors permitted.

How Many Guests Can a Member Take to Costco?

Costco members are generally permitted to bring up to two guests into the warehouse on each visit.

These guests can accompany the member on their shopping excursion and make use of the perks of being in a Costco warehouse.

It is worth mentioning, however, that only the member can make purchases, and guests cannot conduct separate transactions.

Also, the member must be present for the visitors to enter the warehouse. Guests are not permitted to enter without the presence of an accompanying member.

The member is accountable for their visitors and must keep an eye on them throughout their visit.

What are the Exceptions to the Guest Policy

While the usual guest policy allows for two visitors per member, there are a few exclusions and other factors to consider:

1. Household Cardholders

You can add one household cardholder to your account if you have an Executive membership.

This card entitles another adult living at the same location to the membership’s advantages, including the ability to buy at Costco independently.

2. Business Memberships

Costco also provides corporate memberships, which have their own guest rules.

Business members, like individual members, can bring up to two visitors inside the warehouse every visit.

3. Special Events and Open House Days

Costco occasionally conducts special events or open house days during which non-members can access the warehouse without a membership.

Non-members can visit Costco and make purchases during certain events, but they may not be able to access some services or savings that are only available to members.

4. COVID-19 Restrictions

In response to the pandemic, Costco instituted a number of temporary measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of its members and visitors.

Limiting the number of individuals permitted in the warehouse and promoting social separation were among the tactics implemented.

During certain times, the number of guests may be reduced even further, or non-members may be temporarily barred from accessing the warehouse.

Does Costco have a Guest Card?

No, Costco does not have a “guest card” for guests. Guests accompanying a Costco member do not need a separate card.

The member is responsible for escorting their guests inside the warehouse and overseeing them throughout their stay.

The member’s membership card is sufficient to allow both the member and their visitors admission.

While others are welcome to accompany the member, only the member is permitted to make purchases.

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